Russian - German scientific - educational center ACOPhys
Applied and computational physics


     The Russian-German scientific-educational center «Applied and computational physics» (ACOPhys) is a structural division of the Physics faculty of St.Petersburg State University. The center is based and functions at the Physical phaculty of St.Petersburg State University. The centre was founded and now is working with partisipation of Technical university Munich, Technical university Ilmenau and University of Leipzig

     The purpose of the scientific-educational center is creation the Russian and German higher schools partnership in order to improve quality of education in the field of applied mathematics and physics. The center realizes concepts developed by organizing committee of the Russian - German center during meetings held in Saint Petersburg, Ilmenau, Leipzig and Munich. These concepts were submitted in memorandums and agreements authorized by administrations of corresponding universities. The partnership is based on long-term scientific cooperation between the German universities and the Saint-Petersburg state university, and expressed in short-term joint schools for the master-students and in mutual interest in an exchange of experience in higher education and the researches related with practical needs of both countries.

Primary goals

     The primary goal of the scientific-educational center is attraction both scientific and business communities to creation and realization at physical faculty of SPbSU the scientific-educational and innovational politics in the fields of solid body physics and computational physics with the help of:

  1. Efforts of integration of the higher school, of the scientific organizations and business - community for creation at physical faculty of SPbSU the innovational educational environment in the fields of solid body and computational physics
  2. Implementation of innovational educational and pedagogical techniques which is based on complex and effective usage of information analytics and information communication technologies in educational process for master degree students
  3. Formation of the business culture of master degree and PhD students of the Physics faculty in SPbSU through the organization of research, innovational, enterprise and information consulting activity.

Activities of the scientific-educational center

     The Center involves professors of the German universities-participants, leading experts of other universities of Russia and Russian Academies of sciences in order to provide necessary educational level.

     The scientific-educational center is focused on training Russian and German master and PhD students. Master program lasts 2 years. Lectures are given in Russian and English languages.